For more than 10 years, we have been helping our clients effectively manage and coordinate security services that are performed in their facilities, premises or stores.

  Management is good if it works. But leadership and cooperation is the way to the goal!

That is why our company focuses on the client's needs,

which will be ensured in cooperation with the processes of the security agencies.

David Garai

Security Control - 


Our IT solution is not a whip to increase efficiency, but is a tool for mutual cooperation of all segments.

  Do you have many objects to guard? Do you have multiple security agencies? Do you have many processes?

  Then don't hesitate to ask us how we helped our satisfied clients to increase cooperation and transparency of the services provided.


The Security Control (SECO) project was created in 2019 following the needs of clients and the currently ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. At a time when there were increased requirements for security services, both from the point of view of staffing and from the point of view of newly created duties and measures, the weakness of the inconsistent management of the services of security agencies (hereafter BA) became apparent. The situation intensified when several security agencies were involved in the contract.

  • Different communication channels.
  • Different reporting systems.
  • Different attendance and scheduling system.
  • Non-uniform control of service performance.
  • Pressure and load on the client side.
  • Financial and time losses.


What features we offer

What innovations does the solution bring?

The deployment of a unified management system from the HEDURIO company with the SECO module brings a unique cloud solution that has advantages not only on the client's side, but above all on the side of the security agency. Cooperation and controlled coordination of activities puts security agencies in the role of a partner towards the client.



The most affordable system in the Czech Republic

A big advantage is the availability of the service and the possibility of client and service supplier participation, at the price of the license.

The price of 1 license for the use of all system functions is Euro 150/month.

The license is dependent on the number of hours managed and the activities required.

150 Euro

per user / month

Only executive licenses are paid within the system
of value-creating components (functions in the company - manager, storekeeper, dispatcher, etc.)

  • Unlimited user (employee) access.
  • Unlimited access (clients).
  • Unlimited number of implemented actions.
  • Unlimited use of mobile applications for checks.
  • Mobile application usage by visitors.

The license can be paid for by the service provider if it is the client's request!


Thanks to a modern cloud solution, the application is available from a computer, tablet or mobile device. It enables quick substitutability, mainly thanks to processes that are uniform. Management efficiency increases.

  • Ability to check attendance in real time.
  • Current reporting of extraordinary events.
  • Unified outputs from all security agencies
  • Easy creation of documents for invoicing.
  • Easy reporting.
  • Targeted communication to stores.
  • Replacing emails with documentable and evaluable communication.
  • Simplification, acceleration and efficiency of communication.
  • Use of all the advantages of the electronic watch book

By connecting to the SECO module, the security agency gets its own interface where it can manage and develop its services. HEDURIO focuses on process areas, systematization of activities and simplified cooperation of individual departments for the needs of security agencies.

  • Ability to check attendance in real time.
  • Current reporting of extraordinary events.
  • 6 other unique modules (Warehouse, Electronic contract signatures, Order system, Dispatch, etc.).
  • Easy reporting.
  • Easy creation of documents for invoicing.
  • Targeted communication to the client.
  • Replacing emails with documentable and evaluable communication.
  • Simplification, acceleration and efficiency of communication.
  • Use of all the advantages of the electronic watch book.
  • SMS gateway



We decided to use the Hedurio system because we did not have an overview of the activities carried out by security agencies and cleaning services. We dealt with the occupancy of the shifts and the regular inspection of the cleaned areas. Thanks to the system, we have everything under control now. Security staff and cleaners must use the electronic watch book and record everything. So we have everything in one place and under continuous control. As part of the tender process, we decided that the selected suppliers must pay for the license themselves. It was in the conditions of VŘ.

Jiří Dluhoš

Facilities Manager MSIC


As part of the tender process, all security agencies must use the HEDURIO system. Within the system, the PENNY client pays each agency 1 license (Euro 150/month). The authorized person of the security agency must ensure that the managers comply with the settings and requirements of PENNY and all checks, emergencies are done using a checklist that is automatically processed for each store and security agency separately.


Petr Havlik

Security Team Lead/Revision


Ke stažení




Application for online monitoring of errands.


Events - invitations


The application is used to work with the invitations we have sent to our guests. In the application you can search, confirm or evaluate the invitations according to the information filled in. Last update date: 14 September 2021


Events Baník


Control gate for checking valid season tickets and tickets for a given match.


Events M


This application serves as a control gateway for event organisers to check valid entries, tickets, accreditations, passes and more.


Events Jagello


An app that Jagello uses primarily for checking in at the Nato Days event.


Events M Test


A test control gateway through which controls can be simulated for the needs of a specific organizer.


Contact us and see for yourself how our system works!

Ing. David Garai

Ing. Martin Čechák, MBA

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