E-guard book

A modern and simple application that provides online monitoring of the activities and performance of the guard service in the field. Predefined specific activities are checked, recorded and evaluated using the application. It replaces the paper form and brings innovative online management. The most common use is inspection and monitoring of the building, progress of the site construction, perimeter monitoring, errand control activity, reporting of extraordinary events, etc.


As part of the guard's work and the use of the electronic guard book (hereafter EK), the work is carried out in the following procedural sequence. The process can be modified according to the needs of the customer:

Use Case Study:


1) Every security guard performing service at the client's premises is obliged to work with EK. As part of the performance of the service, it monitors, identifies and records all problems arising in the guarded area.

2) To work with EK and record all the facts, it is necessary to log in to the application. Each guard has his own unique key to identify himself. Like a guard, an object also has its own unique identifier. It is possible to create zones and define sub-areas in a given object so that any corrective measures have their own competent person. QR codes are used for identification.

3) A simple form is used to define the detection of a problem, which is filled out online. Each record is immediately sent to a central monitoring station. It is possible to create a number list for the object, which will be used and then allow better statistics.

4) Corrective measures are taken based on the detected facts, which are also recorded in the system in order to be able to evaluate the effectiveness of the activities performed.

5) For the evaluation, it is possible to use a simple dashboard that allows display as needed.


6) As another measure, it is necessary to ensure that there are no repeated problematic activities. Negatives and measures are the areas that move us forward. It is crucial to look for opportunities for further development and innovation. Managers make suggestions for improvement.

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